When it comes to preferences, you’d be surprised to know the kinds of things that make a person more attractive. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as their ability to be considerate and sometimes it can something as eccentric as a haircut from a bygone era. 

Which is why when we stumbled upon this Reddit thread that has women confessing the things they find attractive in men, we thought that it definitely needs to be shared with everyone else. Because c’mon, aren’t you interested in knowing what pulls most women? 

1. My husband makes me laugh, and he doesn’t sweat the small stuff. He makes me feel safe. Forehead kisses are the best thing, him doing them repeatedly because he knows I love them, it’s the best. Also he lets me buy stupidly priced, aged and smoked cheeses.

– mezzyjessie

2. A real sense of humor! Self-deprecating jokes are uncomfortable, not funny. It’s so cringey when a guy keeps joking about what a “fat piece of shit” he is. If the butt of a joke is mean, racist, etc. then it’s not that great and it’s not as funny as you think it is. Some guys confuse being an asshole with being funny.

– catlandid

3. I hate myself sometimes for this but their smell haha. I love when they smell warm and manly. Other than that, passion. It could be passion for their work, for their family, for something they have as a hobby.

– PeakRepresentative14

4. Yes, there are certain guys who just smell so amazing to me. It’s not even cologne or anything. It’s their natural smell. I can’t explain the smell, but it just smells like pure comfort or essence of a man. It’s intoxicating and I have to make sure I don’t express how much I love it when I smell it because it’s weird.

– Stripedanteater

5. Not compassion that’s a show, “to be nice” or to get something in return. Real compassion. Compassion that can push past anger and hurt and defensiveness. A true ability to hold space for others’ difficult emotions.


6. Humility. Not being a know-it-all everywhere you go is so refreshing. Actually listening is lovely.

– gmilfmoneymilk

7. When you can share an idea and the guy actually says, “that’s a good idea,” it’s so refreshing. I can’t tell you how many men I know who listen to me (female) say something only to immediately repeat it, slightly rephrased, as if it was their idea rather than giving credit. Such a turn off.


8. Communication and honesty. My boyfriend and I rarely fight because we’re both entirely upfront about our thoughts, opinions and feelings. If we disagree on something, we discuss it like adults. No yelling, no personal attacks, just talking. We have unwavering trust/faith in one another, as a result. I value this quality in our relationship so, so much.

– serenityfive

9. Confidence without arrogance. A good balance of confidence and humor often works.

– pepperycat576

10. Shirt sleeves rolled up will make half the female Redditors sleep with you, grey sweat pants, treating mom/kids/family nicely,  treating waitstaff nicely, confidence, not arrogance, communication, steady job, big schlong,  medium schlong, small schlong used well, texts back.

– Ayste

11. You forgot sleepy/sick/groggy voice.


12. A strong jaw.

– HurrySubstantial4890


13. Sensitivity, a sense of humor and honesty. Have all those and I’m yours

– HotChocoMarshies

Humour and sensitivity *thumbs up.*