When someone hears the term “porn star,” the image that comes to mind may be linked to their own fetishes, but may usually fall into the kind of stereotypes the entertainment and cosmetic industry are fond of promoting. However, you’ll be surprised to know that US highest-paid sex worker, Alice Little, falls nowhere in those stereotypes.


Little is a petite, redhead, who works at the Chicken Ranch brothel in Nye County. But, contrary to popular belief, that something tragic might have led her to this job, Alice made a conscious decision to work in that position. She was born in a place nearby Dublin and moved to the US when she was around age 5.

The adult film star discussed her path thus far and the reason for her career choice in an essay she wrote for She Knows. Apparently, the licenced sex worker holds multiple degrees which left immense choices at her disposal but she picked this industry after discovering that she is “naturally a polyamorous person”. 

When it came to career options, there were countless opportunities afforded to me compliments of my extensive education. Despite holding multiple degrees, I found the relevant jobs to be largely uninteresting, thus sparking my exploration of alternative employment options.

-Alice Little to She Knows

In fact, prior to joining the Moonlite, she has worked as a jockey at the Belmont race track and an EMT, emergency medical technician.  

She tried her hand at the webcam show at first, but found it to be “mostly empty.” She then joined the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and discovered that she enjoyed her job on a much deeper level than many of the other females there.

Alice, who is in her thirties now, is also popular as the “shortest legal escort” in Nevada. She describes herself as an Intimacy Educator and believes that there should an open conversation about intimacy. She also asserts that she and her fellow workers help in improving relationships in the community.

I think this is a very noble job. I help others, people in my community, improve the quality of the relationships of couples, get to work with couples to improve their romance, offer sex education and even provide dating advice.

-Alice Little to She Knows

Alice Little, who is an advocate for sex workers’ rights, is also a founder member of Hookers for Healthcare and a member of the Nevada Brothel Association. In an interview with Think Advisor, she asserted that her career goal is to increase the scope of legalised sex work in the state. 

I want to be the person that expands legalized sex work from Nevada to the rest of the United States. A regulated sex industry is a tremendous benefit to society and not just in terms of fiscal dollars and tax-base benefits.

Little rose to fame in 2018 after she gave Refinery29 a peek at her life through an interview. Back then she also recounted how she made $1 million in a year. According to the article, she focuses on earning $84,000 per month and having at least one $20,000 per night overnight client per month. 

Currently, besides her job as a sex worker, she runs a YouTube channel, an Onlyfans profile, and a goat farm as well.