Finding a sex position that gives you a perfect orgasm comes with practice. Being open about your darkest kinks & preferences may blossom things up in the bedroom.

Sure, it differs from others, considering what works for you and what your partner is in the mood for. But some of these positions are worth trying. You’ll know why once you read the benefits.

1. “Girl on the bottom of her stomach. Legs together. When the legs are together it feels very good. Really amazing if she starts moving her hips. It also allows you to kiss her back and even her lips. You can grab her ass or reach under and grab some boob or rub some clit.”


2. “I have to agree that there’s nothing better than a doggie. The ecstasy that washes over me when I feel my fiancé’s hands on my hips pulling me toward him and his balls smack against me are just indescribable. I may just have to wake him up.”


3. “Girl on the bottom, legs pushed back towards her (if she’s flexible) and going in and out real slow. Face to face, can get in real deep, and really intimate.”


4. “Strangely enough, spooning. It’s like a doggie, but you’re both laying on your side. Lots of neck breathing and translates easily into some other cool positions. Great for stinky breath morning sex.”


5. “I’m pretty vanilla – my favorite is missionary. I’ve tried lots of other positions and we usually mix it up a bit but missionary feels best for me. Benefits – nice eye contact and romantic feel.”


6. “Butterfly. Really deep penetration is the best part, and it hits just the right spot. It also makes it easier for your partner to choke you, hold you down, or be dominant in general.”


7. “I’m a big fan of The Hero, from the Kama sutra. It’s basically very much like Missionary, except she lies on her back, with her knees pulled up to her chest, legs partially spread. You kneel with your knees under her buttocks, so that she has support. She can even rest her ankles on your shoulders. It’s a great position because it combines the best of Doggy Style with the best of Missionary.” 


8. The Lotus. The dude sits upright with his feet on the ground and his knees in the air. The girl straddles him with her feet on the ground and her legs in the air. You usually transition to it from cowgirl. It basically has every benefit possible.


9. “Scissor, You can get deep and you have her leg to hold on to. I had a girl that would orgasm fast in that position, So after she had her O, I held on and kept going. She gets so loud I think the neighbors hear us.”


10. “A lot of people are saying things like the girl on the bottom, lift her legs up/elevate her slightly, for better angle/penetration. Here’s a variation on this that also benefits the guy. Simply sit her on the edge of whatever you’re using, and make sure you’re lower than she is by an inch or so (kneeling or standing, try to avoid crouching).”


11. “For my partner’s pleasure: I lay her on her back on the edge of a surface of an appropriate height that brings the vag/ass to the same level as my cock, then straighten out her legs, side-by-side, raise them up and penetrate. This seems to hit all the right places and typically is later remembered fondly.

For my pleasure: I like to lay her on her stomach, legs closed, and penetrate her from behind as I straddle her ass. Knee placement can change the sensation; the further up her body, the deeper the strokes go. I like this position because it bangs right on the cervix and feels amazing.”


12. “Reverse cowgirl. Right hand on the clit. I’ve also found that opening your hand and using a fan motion back and forth works well. Made my wife squirt for the first time like that.”


13. “Reverse missionary is objectively the greatest sex position. You can make out with your partner, bury her tits in your face, and grab her ass while you fuck her. It is by far the greatest.”


14. “Best depends on the people involved. Some positions work well with some and terribly with others. It’s about finding what works for the two of you. Like anything in a relationship, communication is everything.”


15. “Best is what works at the time, but some good ones: with F: lying with the girl on top facing up. Penetration + 4 hands on her body. (though not for larger girls) with M: like doggy, but with the guy sitting back on his heels.”


16. “Her: lay back, feet in the air, as close to her head as possible Him: face the opposite direction, face down, line up genitals. It’s kinda like reverse cowgirl with the guy on top. Why: It’s a great angle (so long as you’ve got some penile flexibility) and it gives great access to each other’s asses. Fun times.”


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