From the wrong person to a disastrous location, we all know how terrible can first dates go. While finding a perfect match on an online dating application can take a wrong route, it has also helped a number of people to find the right person for them. 

In a series of threads, people reveal their best date stories and it’s melting our hearts!


1. “My first Tinder date was also the best first date I ever had. We went to a famous museum and we drank wine in the flower garden. We walked around and talked about all the cool art and things to see. We both liked the paintings the most. We watched the sunset over the city skyline on the museum balcony until they kicked us out because it was closing. Then, we went out to a bar for dinner and drinks, talked for hours, and then went back to her place and watched some TV. Also, it ended up being about a 12 hour date. We are both introverted so it was really rare we could both spend so much time together on a first date without needing alone time. Didn’t get married though. We are no longer dating, but still friends.” –WarmFire

2. “I downloaded Tinder as I had moved to a new country for work and wanted a friend to show me around. She was 23 at the time, and I was 17. She booked a taxi and drove an hour to see me. We went on a cheesy date to an all-you-eat buffet. I ate nothing as I was so nervous. But, we spoke about various topics and went to the movies. I immediately fell in love with her. One month later, we moved in together and 2 months after that, she got pregnant and we got married. We’re celebrating our second anniversary in 2 weeks. My daughter is now 1 year and 7 months.” –reddit_sykes

3. “It was my first real date. I matched with a cute jazz musician on Tinder after my freshman year of college. We had a great conversation over coffee before a walk in the park with a spliff he brought. We went out a few more times that summer before I went back up to school and I got to say that he was a great introduction to dating because before that, I’d really only dealt with fuckboys.” –KittyMinty

4. “The best date I ever had was also my first Tinder date. We went to a baseball game, the aquarium, out for burgers, then back to his place to watch ‘House’. It was a 12-hour date. We just had so much fun with everything, it was so easy to be together. Married him.” –AwkwardFun13

5. “I was supposed to meet my first ever dating app date for a quick coffee. We had coffee and talked for hours when we realized it was dinner time we just moved to the restaurant next door and kept talking until 11 pm. Four days after, we had our second date and haven’t separated since. We’ve lived together for over a year.” –blacklabcoat

6. “We had our first date after a couple of weeks of texting. She was a dog sitter so we spent the day picking up dogs and walking them together around town. I met so many puppies! It was adorable and I still cherish the memories.” –Anonymous

7. “My first date was to a used bookstore. We both browsed up and down the aisles and look for interesting things and talked about some of the things we saw. Afterwards, we went out and got coffee and continued our discussion of books and the led to movies and music. At one point, we decided to go for a walk by a pond. The bookstore was good because it allowed us to talk about our interests and differences in a very natural, non-forced way, and that just continued throughout the rest of the date. Of course, that doesn’t work if one or the other has no interest in books.” –lizzpop2003

8. “The guy brought me to a nature reserve, rented a boat and we rode down the river to another little park at the end. Whole thing took about two hours and then we had dinner. Things didn’t work out but I’ll never forget that. He didn’t even try to kiss me.” –heliogold

9. “He showed up in a crisp white shirt, driving a shiny black car. Turned right against a no-right-turn sign and got immediately pulled over and ticketed. Then, he got lost along the way but eventually found his way to a lake, where we hung out until dawn. We didn’t even kiss. Married him.” –7097556EL3-93

10. “We met up at a coffee shop and went for a walk on the beach. It went so well. We didn’t want to part ways so we got dinner and it turned into an all-day date. One of the best parts is that she is into all of the things (in and outside of the bedroom) that I am. I’m so happy and thankful I met her.” –Slawischof

11. “I matched with a cute guy from an hour away. We messaged extensively for about a week before meeting up. On our first date, he drove an hour so we made tentative plans for all evening, but separate events so we could bail if it sucked. We had dinner, walked around a casino (he actually won some money), and then saw 50 Shades Of Grey. It was a beyond awesome date. When I got home, I promptly cancelled all future dates I had planned.” –opinionated-on-all

12. “I had been on Tinder for about a month and one day, this really cute guy super liked me. He comes over when I get off work to see the blanket fort. He comes in and gives me a hug as soon as I answer the door and oh my gosh, it was the best hug ever. I made us spaghetti for dinner and lit the candles at the table and everything. And then, we watched a movie (Amelie) in the blanket fort. And then, he kissed me and it was like WHOAH and then we had sex on the first date and then, here’s the real kicker, he spent the night. I broke all my own rules for him and loved every second of it.” –needacoldshower

Where do I sign up for such adorable dates?

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