The ever-effervescent dating world comes with abbreviations and jargons that require a doctorate for a comprehensive understanding. From getting ‘ghosted’ to ‘zombied’, we’ve seen many dating, or rather breakup trends, which majorly rely on obnoxious people calling it quits with their partners abruptly because they lack the spine to face’em. Today, we have another such trend from the same boat. It’s called ‘Delicate Dumping‘. And no, it’s not as delicate as it sounds, but take a look.

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delicate dumping toxic breakup trend

Imagine waking up one day to realise your relationship is not the same as it was. And it’s not because you love your partner any less, but, somehow, you don’t feel loved anymore. You feel distanced, and you can’t even point out why. So, you blame yourself for mulling over whatever is wrong with you. But guess what?

It could just be your partner manipulating you into breaking up with them cos they lack the guts to do it themselves. I am not saying this is your case, but this is what the new breakup trend is about.

delicate dumping new dating trend

According to a report by LadBible, Emma Hathorn, who works for a dating site called Seeking, has shared her expert opinion on the trend. Delicate Dumping is about an individual who has fallen out of love with their partner. But instead of confronting them about it, they deploy a ‘cowardly’ trick to escalate their retreat from the doomed relationship.

“It’s the cowardly approach to ending a relationship, slowly retreating to avoid difficult conversations, or even ghosting,” says Hathorn.

So basically, your partner lacks the guts to have an actual conversation. Therefore, they take the convenient route and stop making efforts in the relationship. They slowly distance themselves from you, desperately hoping you dump them. In short, all they want is for you to call it quits before they have to do the ‘awkward’ talk themselves. You see, they don’t wanna get labelled as ‘THE BAD ONE’ in the relationship. They wanna move out guilt-free.

delicate dumping toxic breakup trend relationship
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“It is the lazy way to break up with someone without looking like the guilty party. It’s the easy way out, but ultimately it isn’t the kindest way to end a relationship; it’s childish”, adds Hathorn.

This trend is akin to quiet quitting where, as PureWow notes, “one person stops trying and gives up without telling the other person about their feelings or needs“.

The dating world appears to be getting wild with every passing day. However, let’s please be decent enough to acknowledge another person’s feelings and existence before gaslighting them into thinking they’re the problem. Let’s date like adults, please!