It is often said that dreams have underlying meanings attached to them. One of the most common dreams that people have is of their significant others cheating on them. This happens due to a variety of reasons. Let’s find out why you are dreaming about your partner’s infidelity. 

1. Trust Issues

It’s possible that there is a lack of trust between you and your partner. It could be that their actions suggest that, like flirting with others, or not giving you attention. This underlying mistrust could translate into your dreams in the form of your partner’s infidelity.


2. Insecutrity About Yourself

Another extremely common reason is that you could be insecure about yourself and by extension your relationship. This lack of confidence, that you’re not good enough, or not good enough for your partner, and abandonment issues can makes you question your relationship.

3. A Possible Third Wheel

While you have faith in your partner’s fidelity, there is a third person in your relationship, that you don’t trust to spend time with your significant other. This third person could be a friend or an ex, but you’re uncomfortable about them and that’s why you dream about your partner cheating on you with them.

4. Your Partner Cheating On You IRL

You could be having these dreams if your partner has actually cheated on you earlier, or you suspect them of cheating now. You having recurring dreams about their infidelity, means that subconsciously, you are still not over that episode.

5. Lack Of Comunication

Communication is vital for a stable and healthy relationship. If you and your partner lack communication, like where do you stand in a relationship and your views, that may be the reason you dream of your partner cheating on you.

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Dreams like these usually indicate underlying individual issues and one should not get alarmed when it happens. However, if it’s beyond your control, then please get in touch with a mental health specialist.