When the little whispers of how much you missed them are transferred to your body through the strokes of their fingertips running all across, you know the AC in your bedroom will fail to beat the heat you and your partner will radiate.

Nonetheless, it’s easier said than done. You can’t always get it right even if you have a sizzling chemistry with them. Luckily for you, these tips from the ones who have tried, failed and tried again that will now help you to up your game. 

Read on as these Redditors share the techniques that made foreplay better and their heartbeats faster.   

1. “Make her feel sexy. Sex is no fun when either partner is self conscious. Caress her body all over. Tell and show her how much you want her. Some women are really self conscious about their bodies, especially about their vaginas. Reassure her- tell her how pretty it is and how good it tastes.”

2. “Guys, don’t forget the nips, and don’t be afraid to take a ride to mufftown. Also, lots of kissing and making out.”

–  UlfarrOT

3. “Kissing along the jaw before going to kiss their neck. Works on both men and women.”

4. “Skin stroking. It has to be natural, explore, look, feel and listen to where she reacts, side boob is good, inside of thighs, run fingers down the spine, light touch her scalp and ears.”

5. “If a guy has a way with words, there’s nothing sexier. Whether he is just expressing his desires, or being down right dirty, if they’re saying the right things my panties are soaked before he even touches me.”

6. “Turn your horny gaze ON. Eye contact is everything.”

– frenchybop 

7. “Getting a woman to relax will help her orgasm. If her thoughts are clouded it just blocks everything you’re trying to do. A massage, going down, candles, a relaxed environment all those sorts of things just make your job easier.”

8. “Don’t just shove your fingers inside her. Talk to her. Ask her if she likes something you’re doing, and if you get the feeling she doesn’t, try it a little differently or do something else. Don’t insist she’ll like something if she says she doesn’t.”

9. “Don’t go straight for the obvious erogenous zones. Embrace her, stroke her hair, caress her shoulder, kiss her neck, give her a chance to relax. Most women need a few minutes of gentle, undemanding physical intimacy before we start to feel receptive.”

– Anonymous 

10. “When a man picks me up while we’re making out… it’s such a power move and an instant turn on.”

11. “Caress and/or kiss the inside of her wrists and palm of her hands.”

– 6cylv8

12. “If a woman says ‘I’m going to cum’ don’t change a thing you’re doing. Keep doing exactly what you are doing in the exact same way that you’re doing it.”

– klousGT

13. “The earlier you start the foreplay the better the sex is gonna be. Not always appropriate as things can get hot and heavy quick, but letting her know you’ve been thinking about her in a NSFW context builds the suspense and increases the tension.”

14. “I love it when he undresses me slowly and kisses my skin as he goes. And for me, it’s absolutely the best prelude to sex. The experience can be heightened for me if he remains clothed, so at some point, usually when I want him so badly I’m begging, only then does he let me tear his clothes off like the mad woman I’ve become. It’s really, really hot.”

15. “Use your hands. Pull her close, caress her (back, waist, legs), hold her hand, play with her hair. Slow down. There’s more to her than what is between her legs.”

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And, don’t forget the little gestures y’all, they matter more than you think.