Paris is known as the City of Love, but closer home Kolkata gives Paris tough competition. Recently, a gay couple from Kolkata pulled out all the stops and showed Love is Love when they got married to each other in a grand Indian wedding ceremony.

Abhishek Ray, a fashion designer, married his partner Cheitan Sharma in a wedding that followed all Hindu rituals – a priest, chanting of vows, and the varmala.

Speaking to the Times of India, Ray said, “people live-in or perform small functions at home when they want to stay together. When we decided to marry, I told Chaitanya to do it in a way that it remains memorable for our friends and family”. The wedding involved both their families – a Bengali and a Marwari family. Therefore, the rituals were a mix of both the traditions.

Abhishek Ray’s Instagram

Soon after, pictures from the wedding went viral on social media. And people could not help but gush how adorable the newly weded couple looked.


Speaking about the legalities of their marriage, Ray said, “a same-sex relationship in India is not legal yet but it is not a criminal offence either.” At the end of the day, love conquers all.