Ladies and Gentlemen, do you agree with me when I say that the grass is always greener on the other side? What I mean by this is that there must be something in life that, at one point in time, triggered you into saying, “Damn! their (opposite sex) life is so easy!” 

Well, this particular thread on Reddit has got men and women into revealing what they envy about the opposite sex? And trust me, you’d want to know these answers?

1. “Not having periods.” 😡


2. “As a man- it is soo much harder to bring up controversial topics and sex related(health wise and advice).”


3. “Outdoor peeing is so much easier and discrete.”


4. “Boobs.”


5. “Walking alone at night.”  


6. “Female orgasms seem far more intense and enjoyable.”


7. “They’re allowed to enjoy things that are popular. If I like something that’s commonly associated with femininity, like a certain brand, clothing item, trend, coffee shop or even make up, it’s considered basic. But if a guy likes something stereotypical to his gender, like football or video games, it’s just seen as a normal interest- a cool one, even.”


8. “Women have so many different choices in clothing that it makes me jealous. Honestly if I woke up and was freaky friday swapped as a woman I would head out and try on clothes all day.”


9. “Being unable to get pregnant.”


10. “Plenty of attention (can suck too, of course). You have to be a damn fine looking man to get that type of attention. Most of us go years without a single compliment.”


11. “Oh, and functional POCKETS.”


12. “No random 🦴ers in the worst times possible.”


13. “Upper body strength. This can be overcome in a lot of ways by advance planning and strength training but there’s so many times I just can’t lift things I need to lift all alone by myself and I just kind of figure out how to move it as best I can. Or wait, and hire someone eventually to do it.”


14. “How they feel towards their baby after 9 months of pregnancy and potential days of labour. I can only imagine that adds to the bond, after so many hours of literally making the baby.”


15. “That they don’t get harassed and catcalled for just walking down the street. The not needing to think about safety anytime out in public.”


16. “Women get to show their emotions and how they feel and even be angry but men are not allowed to do it otherwise it’s seen as disgraceful not manly and abusive.”


17. “That men’s bodies won’t drastically change after having a baby.”


18. “It’s kinda easy for them to get a bf like if a girl just walked up to a boy and say wanna be my gf and he would most likely say yes.”


19. “Socially acceptable to walk around without a shirt (beach, pool, party, sports, etc.)”


20. “The superhuman natural ability to do two things at the same time.”


What do you think about this? Life is just not easy. For anybody.