As much as society wants us to believe otherwise, sex is not just an act of procreation. It’s also about pleasure and exploring ourselves. We live in a society where sex is a hush-hush topic – understandably sex toys and self pleasure is a far-fetched discussion. But, this sex start-up called MyMuse is doing it right. 

The start-up that was founded by Anushka and Sahil Gupta focuses on intimate wellness, using tongue-in-cheek marketing and interesting concepts. Let’s just say – they know what YOU want. They aim at selling products that are practical and easy to use, while also considering that sex is something that should be enjoyed. Because, who doesn’t want a good orgasm?

MyMuse also focuses on sexual health and the need to talk about it. All of it, wrapped in fun and informative posts. Because let’s just face it, we cannot rely on our sex-education classes to teach us about it. But, don’t we all deserve to know about our bodies? 

Anushka and Sahil started their brand during the lockdown and grew from selling from their spare bedroom as a set-up, to a start-up that ships to nearly 200 cities nationwide. They also aim at removing the misogyny and sexism associated with pleasure – because it’s not only something that men deserve.

The brand that sells vibrators, candles and lubricants, among other things, also received seed funding from venture capitalist firms. According to Sahil and Anushka, they are on a mission to start a wider conversation on sexual-wellness, while also focusing on the need to abandon the shame and guilt, surrounding intimacy and pleasure. 

There’s this shame, guilt and fear associated with buying something that should be used in your intimate areas, and that’s the first thing we wanted to turn around. 


Sex is about our bodies, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. While we have witnessed some change, there’s still a lot that needs to be done. Adult toys or even basic sexual health products are considered ‘wrong’ or ‘immoral’ in our society – which leaves us with very little knowledge about the subject. 

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Good Clean Love

Society doesn’t want us to know. But, sex is more than just ‘do sunflowers ka milan’. So, look for whatever creates those fireworks in the bedroom.