There are all kinds of marriages in this world. Arranged marriages, love marriages, accidental marriages, and the most interesting of them all, open marriages.  

I mean, it’s all about preferences and consent in the end. 


Be it sharing tips or keeping a dark secret, a few people got candid with us about how it’s like to be in an open marriage. 


My husband and I are in an open marriage and the best part is that we love sharing our experiences with each other. He doesn’t mind and I love to try new things he learns from the people he has been with.  


I let my husband be in an open marriage because I knew he used to cheat on me but I never confronted him. When he proposed this idea, I meekly consented because I knew he’d do it anyway.  


We get to make the rules, set our own values. This doesn’t mean we don’t have morals or principles. It’s just that we are free to make them.  
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This one time my wife walked in while I was with my other partner. For a second, I got scared but then I remembered I am actually in an open marriage.  


I love my husband but I also love this other man. Usually this would have been a problem, but all thanks to open marriages, I get to be with both.  


Woke up, did it with my husband, then with my highschool crush during lunch time, and ended the day with another round with my husband. Gosh, this is why my skin glows so much. 



My husband and I before getting married decided that even if we do, we’ll be in an open marriage. We understood it but when our parents got to know, it turned into a family drama.  


I think I went for an open marriage just to rebel because why should society decide anything for me? 



It took me some time to get used to it but once I was used to it, there’s no going back. 



So, my wife and I are in an open marriage and this one time I walked in on them while they were at it. Didn’t feel the same about the concept later on. I think seeing them together made me realize I am not okay with it.  


My partner and my wife went for a threesome and it was life changing because we set our terms and did everything after taking consent. Fuck what society says.  



After being in an open marriage, my relationship with my wife actually improved. We are more spontaneous and carefree.  



I enjoy sex with my partner more than I enjoy it with my husband. Don’t know how to tell him though?  


Well, as long as it floats their boat, who are we to comment? 

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