What are you thinking? – the worst and the toughest question to ever ask post a steamy session of orgasm or sex because there are probably a gazillion things crossing our minds. 

We stumbled upon this thread where people revealed the first thought that crosses their minds after they orgasm. Sounds really fun, right? Let’s go and see the responses now.


1. “Where did it go?”ScoutCommander

2. “That fantasy seemed a lot hotter a few seconds ago.”Logical-Guide-2437

3. “I’m hungry.”youlneverknow

4. “Ugh, now I have to clean this up.”Ok-Bed6343

5. “Sleep.”ThePandamanium444

6. “Who are these people? Where am I?”asmo_fuhller

7. “I hope no one heard me.”illusionist_08

8. “I need to stop doing this frequently.”rated3

9. “God, I’m tired of being alone.”TheKillingRoad18

10. “CRAMP! CRAMP! Can’t move my leg!”DifficultCredit3108

11. “Just a couple more times then I’ll finally get out of bed!”wildlilthingx

12. “Ready for round 2.” Pinatacloudz420

What is your first thought after having an orgasm?