If you’re seeing someone who is a great talker then don’t assume that they won’t show off their expertise in bed. If words are the tools that turn you on, this can work wonders, but for others, it’s just a mood spoiler. People on Reddit who may have had ‘talkative’ partners reveal the strangest things said to them during sex that are both hilarious and sexy.

1. “Can I press your bellybutton?”

2. “First time with this chick, she told me to stand up then gave my dick a hand shake and said – nice to meet you…”

3. “You better not cum in my ear.”

4. “Years ago I was with a woman, I was on top and I had her legs up by her head, and she said – fuck me like a pretzel.”

–  dstizz

5. “Fucking kill me- during her orgasm. During sex she told me to rip out her throat. Was vibing with it.”

6. “Me: Will you swallow? 

Her: Yeah. It’s salty, but so are
French Fries.”

7. “I was blindfolded and going down on him. I guess I was making some slurpy noises when he grabs me by the hair suddenly and growls- my dick is not soup.”

8. “You remind me so much of my dad.”

9. “She asked me to suck on her nipples, ‘like a cow’.”

10. The first time we ever had sex, after finishing, he says slowly out of nowhere ‘Imagine if aliens came through my window and abducted us right now.’ He was dead serious.

11. “You’re going to marry me right?”

– npad69

12. “After noticing my erection she said, (in the voice of Steve Urkel)- ‘Did I do that?”

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