Most desi parents like to believe that their kids do not have sex before getting married. This means that you wouldn’t want them to find your box of condoms, because well, you know the repercussions. And of course, valid arguments like “I’m an adult” or “at least I’m using protection”, don’t really work. 

All of us need multiple spots to hide things, that we don’t want our parents to see, and condoms top the list. Honestly, this is where our creativity is maxed out – not for school projects, not at work, but to hide condoms.

And, if you’ve run out of ideas, here are some suggestions by Redditors that might help:

1. “Chawal ke dibbe mein.

2. “Bag pack or office bag – no one will touch that. Or don’t buy in bulk, buy packets of 3 and you wouldn’t have to worry about storage.”

3. “Secret compartment in bag. Or use your phone’s box and hide it inside the user manual pouch. The goal is to hide it in plain sight”

4. “Old laptop box. No one touches it, and I don’t let anyone throw it because ‘warranty gets void’.”

5. “Chhat par plastic ke lifafe mein seal kar ke, pathar ke neeche.

6. “Mix it in a packet of balloons.”

7. “Use a double-sided tape and stick it under the bed or table.”

8. “Cupboard, buried behind all those clothes where nobody goes.”

9. “Open a tissue box’s flap from the side, and store it under the tissues.”

10. “Stick it behind a photo frame which is hanging against the wall.”

11. “My bathroom has this false ceiling, and removable top. I hide my big pack of condoms there, it is the safest place in my house.”

12. “Hide it under your parents’ mattress. You will never be suspected if they are found.”

– chianj

13. “In the gap between your drawer and its base. You’ll need to remove them from the pack, though.”

14. “I keep mine in my case for sunglasses. It’s expensive so no one touches it, and also the case is a bit complicated to open.”

15. “I have a set of 5 surround sound Dolby speakers, and one piece in the set is broken. So, I have made it hollow and put all the packs in there.”

Do not end up forgetting where you hid them.