friendship is like a fine thread, once the thread is broken, it will always have the knot. Today, we stumbled upon a Reddit thread where people revealed the reasons for what went wrong with their ex-friends. It’s an interesting read so, brace yourselves and scroll down!


1. “We became business partners and the rest is history.”

– I_Rate_Assholes

2. “I realized that I couldn’t deal with their everything anymore. The constant drama, the misplaced outrage, the moodiness. Life was simpler when I realized that my being around all of that was optional.”

– plasticdisplaysushi

3. “They kept making excuses until I gave up and stopped trying to reach out to them.”

– BenjaminoBob

4. “She was constantly making jabs about my appearance, where I lived, my interests, etc. When I called her out on it, she blocked me.”

– shelbeelzebub

5. “Moved away and lost touch slowly over time. Both of us are doing good though, which I’m grateful for.”

– SuperSaiyanCockKnokr

6. “She quit talking to me after 30 years of friendship. I’ll never know why.”

– Supereurobeat

7. “I lost my friend due to complications from a weight loss surgery. It was 23 years ago and I still miss her.”

– HappyWalnuts

8. “She got married into a wealthy family and changed. I was not “upper class” enough for her anymore. She didn’t stick around either. She sided with the woman my ex-husband had an affair with and trivialized my feelings. Yeah, she ain’t staying in my life. Goodbye and good luck.”

– laamargachica

9. “We graduated high school.”

– gainitta24

10. “She took screenshots of our conversations and TRIED to break up me and my husband. The funny thing is that it helped me find out that my husband was actually cheating on me. Maybe I should thank her. But I won’t. Fuck her.”

– Anoth3rTTVVi3w3r

11. “She became super religious and told me that I couldn’t truly be a moral person without accepting Jesus, as I was at her house for 9 days to clean and care for her four children while her husband went through cancer surgery.”

– PanickedPoodle

12. “Mutual friend slipped something in my drink while we were all hanging out. My friend acted like it wasn’t a big deal and continued his friendship with the mutual friend.”

– april2356

13. “They ended up stealing money from me. They are now and probably forever, living with their parents. I have a great job. Life is good.”

– Puzzleheaded-Dog2882

14. “She tried to seduce my husband.”

– lemonedpenguin

15. “He got me a job in his girlfriend’s father’s company at 16, where he was the supervisor. He treated me like a piece of shit to make him look like the big man. He ended up turning into a giant narcissistic with a god complex, cheated on his girlfriend with another supervisor and both ended up getting fired. I was their friend despite being used and bullied by them. I was too young and naive to realise what was going on and I had my own problems. I’ve suffered from my mental health ever since and I blame him directly. I don’t know what happened to him as he seems to have disappeared. I just hope that wherever he is that he is miserable and alone.”

– Yoguls

This post on best friends who are not on talking terms anymore definitely made us a little sad!