Breakups are the absolute worst. No matter how mutual it is, it is always a painful decision. On this Reddit thread, people give advice on how to deal with things post-breakup.

1. “You’ll have moments, like waking up and forgetting you even broke up and then remember that you did and your heart will sink. It’s okay, embrace it and don’t try to suppress it. Time heals all wounds. Don’t try to rush into anything without dealing with your emotions first, because it will just multiply the heartbreak later on.”

– Avikm289

2. “Review your house and remove any triggers you can find, like photos, gifts, etc. Also reorganize everything you can change, like the placement of furniture, and redecorate, include new paintings, posters, etc. This will give you a sensation of change of new space and will reduce the triggering situations.”

– Average-Joe78

3. “No contact. Every time you break the no contact rule, you reset your healing journey and progress. No contact means, no contact in any form. No snooping. No getting news or checking up on them through any sources like social media or through friends.”

–  bluevacuum

4. Grab two pieces of paper. On one, write the word MERITS.

On the other, write the word FLAWS.

On the Merits sheet, list all of their merits. On the Flaws sheet, list all of their flaws. Be as objective as you possibly can.

When you notice that the merits sheet has only two or three items on it, but you’ve had to turn the flaws sheet over to continue the listing of her flaws on the back because you’ve already filled up the front, your feelings will switch to relief that they’re gone, and shock that you were settling for so little.”

– Uruzdottir

5. “Don’t start any bad habits. Don’t start drinking your sorrows, or using drugs. While this may help for the short term to some degree, in the long run, it’ll make everything worse. Difficulty finding a new partner, holding a job, etc.”

–  Common_Valuable5063

6. “Surround yourself with loved ones who remind you of your value. Take up a new hobby – whether it’s a sport, learning a new instrument, a new language, anything you may have wanted to learn but held back on.”

–  tulip1414

7. “Make sure to keep up a healthy habit of eating your meals, don’t skip them. Try to have a walk once a day, catch the sunlight and feel the warmth. Watch people walking around you in the park and enjoy the scenery… And lastly, make sure you sleep on time, preferably before 12.”

–  69sixtynein

8. “Start exercising so you can look and feel better, or get some new clothes that boost your confidence.”

–  Common_Valuable5063

9. “Goals and maintaining/improving self-worth is what’s gonna help you out the most. Once you’re in a routine, start dating again. Once you realize you have high value, attractive, good personality and you have options, breakups in the dating phases which are common will hurt less and less.”

– soapshowdown00

10. “‘Do everything differently’ to give yourself a chance at developing new routines. Also, I find that keeping my hands busy helps.”

– giraffe_onaraft

11. “You use that time to better yourself.”

– 8MCM1

12. “It’s absolutely natural and healthy to take a little while to process this situation. Cry a little, go out and get drunk for a night, sulk a little more while the feels set in, then wipe your eyes, pick yourself up and move on.”

– drunken-black-sheep

If you’re dealing with a breakup, we send love your way. 

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