We all have been in relationships at some point in our lives. There’s no better feeling than being someone’s centre of attention. However, sometimes, things don’t go as planned and breaking up is the only way out. While some people take it quite well, others just slip into denial and do strange things.

People reveal the cringiest things their exes did right after they broke up. Ready? Let’s see.

1. “After our break up, my ex demanded that I give everything he bought for me during our three-year relationship back, and he meant EVERYTHING. He handed me an itemized list. I dug up clothes, CD’s/DVD’s/video games and jewellery which included a watch he bought for me. It was obviously a female watch, but he made sure I handed it over. I asked him about what he planned on doing with all the items and he said he would give them to his next girlfriend. Not sure whether it was a joke or not, but still.”

– SuperShineeCoinToss7

2. “Tried to get with my sister.”

– winterbaby26

3. “Got a tattoo of me over his heart. No, not like my name. A large face and body tattoo of me.”

– BloopyBloopBoopBoop

4. “He posted about the breakup (I dumped him) on Tumblr. Then, he tried to send himself an “anonymous” message agreeing with everything he said in his breakup post and hyping himself saying he deserved better and he is a great guy. The only catch was, he forgot to click “submit anonymously” when he sent the message to himself. He then responded thanking the “anon” for his “kind words”. He had it up for hours before he realized his mistake! It was hilarious. I and my friends all had a good fucking laugh, but it was also SO cringe.”

– aadagio11

5. “Tried to fuck my ex-friend. I wasn’t on super good terms with that friend at that time, but she laughed at him and told me afterwards, which I thought was awfully nice of her.”

– not-kate-middleton

6. “He proposed to me through a text with a picture of the ring, after I told him that we shouldn’t talk anymore as I was pregnant with my now husband’s child.”

– speedspectator

7. “He invited me to his baby brother’s birthday and brought a girl to make me jealous. We had only been broken up a few days.”

– Lucifer-Evil

8. “He would send me texts ‘accidentally’ and then text me after saying ‘oh sorry, that wasn’t for you, it was for his best friend.’ I remember one of the texts said something along the lines of ‘yeah man, invite the girls.’ LOL.”

– ConsistentBoa

9. “He said that our baby with blonde hair and blue eyes was ‘clearly’ Mexican and couldn’t possibly be his. His own mother said that the baby looked exactly like him. After the DNA test confirmed what we both already knew, he still tells people that the baby isn’t his and he pays the child support ‘out of the goodness of his heart’.”

– SputtleBug

10. “He made an excel spreadsheet and a powerpoint presentation of why we should get back together. Showed up at my work to present it to me.”

– purplewatermelongirl

I’m so freakin’ thankful that I’m (happily) single!