Isn’t it true that crushes made high school much more bearable? The ones you’ve never had the nerve to confess to, or the ones for whom the feeling eventually wore off, or even the ones which looking back, feel like you dodged a bullet.

When it comes to old crushes, we’re all guilty of stalking them maybe just to know their whereabouts. And a few of them may have grown into somebody you never could’ve imagined.

A Reddit thread discussing the same got people to reveal how their high school crushes turned out to be as adults.

1. “He’s a successful Broadway actor and as dreamy, talented, and kind as ever. He’s a good person and deserves good things, so I’m genuinely happy for him. We actually keep in touch, and when I’m in NYC, he takes me backstage at his shows.”


2. “We graduated in 1989 but went off to different universities. I looked her up about 10 years ago and, unfortunately, she had passed away from cancer. Still think about her.”


3. “She moved to France and became a fairly successful MMA fighter.”


4. “She went to Korea to teach English after college, met a man from London, and they’re married and have a kid in London. He seems nice, and she’s still a great photographer.”


5. “Gay. So THAT’s why he wasn’t interested in me. Well, maybe just one reason.”


6. “She’s my closest friend. She’s also an incredibly smart physicist, and someday I hope to tell her how I feel.”


7. “He married a total babe and had two cute kids. It’s me. He married me.”


8. “He’s like fine wine and bettered with age. After all the shit we individually went through, we ended up official last week, after 18 years of knowing each other.”


9. “He died when he was 19, a couple of days before Christmas. Went to his funeral, said goodbye, and left him the present I got him. I didn’t know what else to do with it. We were best friends, and I never told him how I felt. I regret not speaking up.”


10. “Wealthy! And still single…”


11. “He’s engaged to my other high school crush. #biproblems”


12. “She’s mayoress of a town… I’m a redditor…”


13. “I’m a straight cis female. My old HS crush transitioned a few years ago, and from the photos, I’ve seen, she’s living her best life in London. She looked so beautiful, and I’m very happy for her.” 💗


14. “We are close friends. She’s getting married soon to an awesome guy. I’m one of the groomsmen.”


15. “My crush became a pastor in a conservative church in Texas.”


Gotta go stalk a few people on Instagram. BRB.