Whether you are single or home alone, you deserve all the pleasure you dreamed about. Touching yourself is an art, and Redditors have some tips for you to master that art.

So don’t let the fun stop in bed, even if you are alone!   

1. “You can force an orgasm by tightening your leg muscles. Helpful especially when going for it more than once within a short refractory period.”


2. “Relax. If you force the orgasm, it won’t feel as good. If you relax, the orgasm will overwhelm you. Fucking hell, it’s amazing. I discovered this during the lockdown.”


3. “Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth before starting videos so you’re not connected to any devices.”


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4. “Learn to edge. Orgasm after orgasm and when you learn to chose to ejaculate, it’s the most awesome moment ever. Practicing kegels can help.”


5. “Don’t be afraid to use butt plugs, use lube, edging can be fun, fleshlights held down by something to make masturbation more realistic is amazing, and keep going after you cum as that’s when you feel the most pleasure.”


6. “I only use imagination. It might be a bit hard at first, but with the training, you can see, feel, hear anything you want, exactly your taste.”


7. “Massage your prostate via your taint while smashing one out. Gives me intense orgasms that feel great in two places at once and last about 15 seconds. I’m physically shattered after it.”


8. “When using a vibrator do a rhythm that teases longer it makes for a longer session.”


9. “Women, get the vibrating dildo with the clit sucking device attached to it. It’s life-changing.”


10. “Men, be careful how you grip your dick when you masturbate. Not too strong because “death grip” will make it so you can’t cum when you actually have sex. Not too light, or you’ll get too sensitive and cum really fast. Find that middle ground.”


11. “Use lube dumbass, I have had way too many friction burns on my dick just because I was being negligent.”


12. “For girls, believe me, don’t masturbate to porn. Masturbate to thoughts of your OD or crush, as eventually masturbating won’t feel that special anymore. You can masturbate to porn every once in a while just not ALL the time.”


You’re welcome!

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