The lockdown during the pandemic has us all fending for ourselves. We’re making do with the means we have access to and when it comes to sex, those means just happen to be sex toys. With social distancing, those who do not live with their partners or are currently single, have decided to take pleasure in their own hands – quite literally.  

The sale of sex toys has seen a 65 percent rise post lockdown phase, it looks like people are taking the ‘stay safe and stay home’ policy quite seriously. 

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A report by ThatsPersonal, called India Uncovered on the Insightful Analysis of Sex Products Trends, proved that the lockdown has been rather advantageous for the sex product market. 

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The biggest market for sex toys is found to be Mumbai, followed by Bengaluru, New Delhi, Pune and Chennai. Apart from this, Pondicherry was found to have the most number of re-orders in tier III cities. 

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Though 64% of customers for these products were male, in cities like Panipat, Shillong, Imphal, Bhatinda, Haridwar, Panaji, Puducherry, Tezpur and Rourkela, women purchased more sex toys than men. 

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Apart from the lockdown, the representation of female pleasure in movies and TV shows has made a huge difference. Lust Stories alone boosted the sales of sex toys by 54%. 

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This time in quarantine has not only kept us safe, it has also given many people a chance to explore their bodies. 

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