The pandemic has not been easy on any of us. But if there’s one thing that no one really talks about out loud but is on our minds, then it’s our sex life. 

I mean, since all of us are at our homes, we can’t really go meet our S/Os. But who’s to say we can’t get them all hot and bothered even now? 

All you gotta do is get your ‘steamy’ on and text away. 

You and I are going to do some serious misbehaving once the pandemic is over.

@womanizer/ Unsplash

Even though you and I are just talking on the phone, you make it hard for me not to stare. 

@wevibe/ Unsplash

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I promise to always keep you in my inappropriate thoughts. 

@wevibe/ Unsplash

If you knew what I was going to do to you later, you’d leave work for home now.

@womanizer/ Unsplash

I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so that I can finally get the Vitamin D I was looking for. 

@womanizer/ Unsplash

I am tired of typing and I just can’t wait to whisper in your ear all the things I’m going to do to you.

@wevibe/ Unsplash

I can’t concentrate on my zoom call because I can’t stop thinking of you in that shirt I like. 

@malvestida/ Unsplash

I’m going to lick every inch of your body but only after you have tested negative. 

Dainis Graveris/ Unsplash

Since we’re all at our homes, I’m touching myself thinking about you. 

Dainis Graveris/ Unsplash

When I close my eyes, I can almost feel you here, doing all the things I like. 

Dainis Graveris/ Unsplash

This pandemic may have gotten us in a long-distance, but my body still remembers you. 

Artem Labunsky/ Unsplash

I can’t wait to try these yoga asanas together.

@charlesdeluvio/ Unsplash

I’m looking forward to the moment where I tell you what to do without even thinking of sanitizing ourselves before.  

@anniespratt/ Unsplash

Honey, I’ll take off our masks and show you a good time without having an anxiety attack once this is all over. 

@dorner/ Unsplash

Uff, is it just me or the temperature is really getting high right now?