Whether you are a man or a woman, there are high chances that you are fascinated by the two egg-shaped glands in males called testicles or balls. Here are some of the weirdest yet interesting facts about testicles that would definitely shock you.

1. The term ‘testicle’ is derived from the word ‘testis’, which surprisingly means witness. It is often said that Roman men used to squeeze and swear on their testicles in court while vowing.

2. Testicles produce 200 million sperm every single day.

3. If the testicles are squeezed too hard, then they can cause their bodies to release a dangerous amount of adrenaline that could be fatal.

4. For most of the men, their testicles can be unsymmetrical and one testicle can even hang a little lower than the other. It all depends on the climate: if the climate is warm, then the testicles would hang loose and if the climate is cold, then the testicles would come closer to the body.

5. During arousal, the skin of the scrotum thickens and testicles grow in size. If the sexual excitement is constant, the testicles could almost double in size. Post orgasm, the testicles returns to their normal size.

6. While a normal testicle weighs about 0.35 to 0.5 ounces, the largest human scrotum weighed 132 pounds. Wesley Warren, a 49-year-old man, spent more than four years with this extra weight before having a surgery. He passed away in 2014 after multiple heart attacks.

7. It is said that during Middle Ages, it was believed that the right testicle produced ‘boy sperm’ and the left one produced ‘girl sperm’. Hence, men used to get their left testicles removed in order to get a baby boy.

8. Testicles are not odourless and they smell due to sweat and bacteria. In fact, the odour becomes worse as the men get older.

9. Testicles can actually reveal if a man is faking an orgasm as they have a natural tendency to retract when the man is about to orgasm.

Pretty shocking, huh?