From first dates and relationships to friendships, we all have been talking about the red flags for ages now. But, what about some subtle green flags in every other relationship? In a thread, people revealed what they see as the best green flags in friendships. Read on.


1. “They text you first when they don’t want anything.” –SilasDeane76

2. “Even if you haven’t seen each other in a while, you’re able to pick up right where you both left off.” –radpandaparty

3. “My friend once told me “I won’t let anyone hurt you man, even yourself” while helping me get off drugs. That always rang out as a true friend thing to say to someone.” –Generalkrunk

4. “When they don’t try to compete with you, aren’t jealous of you, truly are happy for you when good things happen to you, don’t give you back-handed compliments and don’t put you down. When they don’t talk bad about you behind your back. Good friends listen to you, care about you and are there by your side through good and bad times.” –Fitbarbie1

5. “When they don’t judge you for things you can’t control. In high school, I had a sleepover, we all slept in the same bed, like normal. I’d recently started some new medication, which had a side effect of bedwetting. They never told anyone. They never judged me. They helped me change the sheets. I’m still friends with those girls.” –SheketBevakaSTFU

6. “When my dad got divorced, he found a lot of his friends were really just my mom’s friends. He had exactly ONE friend who helped him pack up and move. His joke after this was if you win the lottery, you’ll find out real quick how big your family apparently is. But if you wanna find out how many friends you have, get a divorce. The lesson here is that a true friend will stand by you even in a really dark place where they have absolutely nothing to benefit from standing by your side, and even in some cases, something to lose.” –wehosh

7. “Comfortable silence.” –beep_check

8. “They will let you know that what you did was wrong. They won’t judge you for your flaws.  You feel completely safe telling them your biggest mistake/flaw. You feel at ease around them.” –Amilase2020

9. “When you don’t have to talk 24/7 to know that you’re there for each other no matter what. And when you do see/talk to each other again, it’s like no time has passed at all – you just have more stories to tell.” –ridiculoys

10. “When you ask ‘wanna hang out?’ then you don’t hang out and neither of you mind and then you hang out next week.” –JAdamsidk123

11. “Being able to make each other laugh. Really, truly, help-I-can’t-breathe laughter. I didn’t realize how rare it was until it was too late.” –hamanar

12. “They’ll make fun of you to your face and defend you behind your back.” –Duluthian378181

13. “When they can walk into your house unannounced and be welcomed in like a blood brother who’s come back after being away for the weekend.” –jorph

14. “They don’t mind being “inconvenienced” by you (in other words, they don’t mind helping you or being there for you). Like airport rides, rides in general or driving 4 hours just to spend time with you on your birthday.” –Jazz_Xyz

15. “When you can recognize someone’s mood without them telling you that they are upset.” –Oreo-and-Fly

Which of the green flags do you agree with the most?