Disagreements and arguments in a relationship are only natural. Sometimes, differences of opinion can even bring two people closer, given they’re open to healthy discussions and peaceful resolutions. But some things just can’t be taken back. Words have the power to inflict an injury so deep that one can never truly heal from it.

This is precisely from members of the r/AskMen community on Reddit have been discussing lately. A user, u/mamm0n_mylove, asked Redditors to share anecdotes about something their partner may have said that made them reconsider their relationship.

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Here’s what Redditors shared:

1. ” ‘I have options.’ ”

2. “Disappearing for over 12 hrs with a “friend” on my bday.”

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3. “She made me feel bad for supporting my mom with cancer over her starting a new job. She actually tried to convince me that I should be supporting her instead.

4. “One of my cousin passed away, and I told her about it. She goes ‘Aw that’s so sad, by the way I HAD A GREAT DAY! 😊'”

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5. ” ‘I want an open relationship.’ “

6. “ ‘I’m always going to make my decisions without considering you or how they will make you feel.’ ”

redditors discuss what made them rethink their relationship

7. “Your studying is getting in the way of me living my life.”

8. “My ex moved into my house without me asking her to. The next day while I was at work she just brought all her shit over.”

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9. ” ‘If you leave, I’ll find you.” Was a 2nd and last date.’ “

10. “’You’re not on my level.’ Mind you, I have a law degree and worked to fight against human trafficking for 2.5 years before Berkeley offered me a scholarship for a masters of law which I was doing at the time. He was successful in business but was a complete jerk.

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11. “When he projected by saying “‘I know you think I’m too good for you.'”

12. “Cheated on me then tried to lie about it even with evidence being presented to him.”

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13. “’My Uber driver is an idiot, but I guess they wouldn’t be driving for Uber if they were intelligent enough to do anything else in life.’” Was the first overt comment that opened my eyes to who I was really dating.

14. “‘ Why are you listening to black people music?’ ”

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15. ” ‘I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but I could get over you way faster than you could get over me.’ “

16. “’You’d be nothing without me,’ was one of the most powerful motivators I’ve ever had to show someone just what I could do without them.”

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But, there’s something wholesome as well!

17. “I went to a house party/show with her and her friends. We’d been dating for a… couple months? Had a blast, awesome time, but it was getting late and I had to go meet my parents the next day for lunch. I was trying to find my exit and say goodbyes when I looked into her eyes and realized… She really doesn’t want me to go. Then I realized… I really don’t wanna go either. I’d never felt that from someone before. Reluctant acceptance usually appears there, but this was different.

“Lemme make a phone call” and I went and told Mom I’d make it up to her but I really need to rain check lunch and I’ll tell her later. Then I stayed the night and went to a concert with her and her friends the next day. I realized then that I needed to be seriously planning on playing for keeps with her, and we have been together 10 years this October, which by extension has more than made up for it with Mom.”


Turns out, just one single moment can change everything. For better, or for worse.