In times, where we can meet people with a swipe, dating has opened us to new experiences. While this is a plus, modern dating has also made 'ghosting' a norm - something that shouldn't be normalised. Cutting off all ties abruptly and leaving someone you're seeing, is just not right. There's a lot that we can do, instead. For starters, we can try and be upfront

Here are all the things that you can say, based on your situation.

1.  If you think that you're enjoying your time alone: "I realise that I'm not looking to date or be in a relationship at this point and leading you on would not be right on my part."

When you're not looking to date someone
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2. If your values do not align and you come from different places: "While I had a good time with you, our thoughts do not align and that's important to me, in the long-term."

Your values differ
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3. If you have too much going on in your career front: "There's a lot that's happening right now for me - work wise. And, I won't be able to devote myself here. Which is not right for either of us."

You have a lot going on in the professional front
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4. If you experience incompatibility: "We are not very compatible and that is something I seek. I hope you understand that."

You are not compatible
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5. If you find it hard to carry on a conversation and it takes too much effort: "After talking to you and knowing you, I've realised that we have very little in common and it might not work out if we continue dating."

Your backgrounds differ
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6. If you've not moved on from an old relationship: "After getting out of my last relationship, I thought I was ready to date again. At this point, it seems like I'm not. It was great getting to know you."

You haven't moved on
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7. If you cannot connect with them on an emotional level: "I'm not feeling the connection and I wouldn't want to lead you on."

There's no connection
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8. If you don't feel any physical chemistry with them: "It was really nice talking to you. But, it seems that the spark is missing between us."

There's no romance
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9. If you're dealing with something on the personal front and you're not mentally there: "I'm juggling with a lot of things at the moment and I won't be able to be as emotionally invested here as I should be."

You are not able to invest emotionally
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10. If both of you are looking for different things out of the match: "I'm not looking for a serious relationship at this point. We had a great time, but we are looking for different things."

Tell them, it's the least you can do.