In the post-pandemic world when the probability of having a meet-cute with someone is 0.01%, it’s reasonable to be convinced to sign up for dating apps (inclusive of tremendous peer pressure). 

Although it’s fascinating to hear stories of people meeting the love of their lives as a consequence of a swipe, there are also tales about how these swipes welcomed some uninvited pain in the a**. 

10 women talk about their terrible experiences with people on dating apps. This is not an attempt to demotivate you but to prepare you for the times things get berserk. 

1. “I got a message from a guy saying ‘hey sexy, wanna hang out?’. It was my best friend’s sister’s husband who apparently didn’t recognize me. His wife is 3 months pregnant at the moment.”

– Anonymous 

2. “The guy I was talking to asked if I’d like to see his flat and I said yes. He had loads of swords and machetes on the wall and decided to hold one to my throat to show me how incredibly strong they were.”

3. “Oh this one person left me in a parking lot because I said I won’t sleep with him.”

– Anonymous 

4. “I met this guy I was talking to for some time, and he, no kidding, said this to me: ‘I support LGBTQ but how can men not like girls? It’s just unfathomable’.

– Srishti Magan 

5. ‘He was a huge racist and kept making comments about brown people and assuming that because I’m light skinned, I couldn’t possibly be pissed off about his comments. He proceeded to make fun of bisexuals, and when I left the date like an hour in, he got pissy and blew up my phone accusing me of having standards that taste too high, that he was the most attractive guy I’d ever get interested in me, and that I wasn’t even hot –  nothing more satisfying than a bruised male ego.”

– Anonymous 

6. This guy told me halfway through the evening that this was the first date he had been on in several years and his closing line was something like ‘If you have any vacancies for the position of Your Boyfriend, I think I could be top of the list.’ Oh dear.

7. “Met a guy I’d actually really clicked with and we were seeing each other for a few months before he disappeared when I asked him what he wanted, to which he responded with – ‘a blowjob’. 

8. “Went on a date with a racist dude who thought he lived in a good neighborhood because- there were no black people.”

– ariesbabe 

9. “I went to meet a guy and on meeting, could not vibe with him.
So I left, I trusted my gut instinct. And thank god I did, because that guy ended up calling me repeatedly at odd hours, to the point that I had to block his number.”

– Anonymous

10. “I showed up at his house to watch a movie and order pizza. He proceeded to tell me all about how he’s this big hotshot model and he makes the big bucks and pretty much just non stop brag about how much money he made and how big his dick was.”

This screams disapointment.