Contrary to what most people think, not all adult film stars are in this profession due to a lack of options. Some adult stars love what they do because it takes a great amount of confidence to work in the adult industry. 

Tori Black, a 33-year-old adult film star, hosted an AMA session on Reddit, where she answered various questions about her profession and personal life. Ready? Read on.

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1. Do you regret anything you have filmed?

– Anonymous

“Only one.”

2. Did your family or friends cut ties with you just because you are in the adult industry?

– Panda_Butt


3. Did you go to college? If so, what did you study?

– dismal_camel

“Yes, Western Washington University. I studied journalism.”

4. Where the hell is the G-spot?

– PowPang

“It’s different for every vagina.”

5. How are your relationships with other adult film stars?

– N3pp

“Mostly, I keep to myself and I just use them for sex, haha. No, we are all pretty close, even if we don’t hang out much.”

6. What is that one thing that always turns you on?

– OpTOMetrist1

“Secure people. Insecurity isn’t sexy.”

7. How often are you recognized while going about your day?

– mattreyu

“Very rarely. Actually, once in a blue moon.”  

8. What is your favourite act to perform with a person?

– Spxrkie

“Cowgirl bitch betta werk.”

9. What would you never ever do at work?

– RL-Limpan

“I don’t like degrading anyone, myself or others. But, I’m not into racial slurs and I don’t like encouraging some of the darker fantasies. While they may be fun, I feel like they lead down a darker path.”

10. What is the best thing about working in the adult film industry that most people don’t consider?

– concernedsponge

“I get to explore myself sexually and encourage others to do so in a safe environment. Oh, and the harder I cum, the more money I make. That’s pretty cool.”

11. Has your work in adult films affected your interest in sex outside of work?

– Anonymous

“My sex drive is sky-high on and off camera.”

12. What sex toy(s) would you recommend for a couple?

– dpallace

“Hitachi, for both of you.”

13.  When and why did you choose to work in the adult industry?

– BahaamNut

“I was very young. I’ve always been sexual and comfortable with my body and skin. I guess it was something that I just fell into. Something that I really wasn’t expecting. It was a challenge to turn it into something I wanted intentionally. But, I think I’ve finally gotten there.”

14. How much time does it take to do one scene?

– flachoux

“It takes usually about 3 hours on set for about 45 mins of sex in a movie.”

15. What kind of stigma have you faced about your chosen profession?

– f00gers

“Many. But, the hardest I would say though has been becoming a mother. People seem to think the two don’t mix. Like sex and being a mother somehow cancel one another out, which makes no sense.”

16. Any tips for a beginner on anal? How can I make it as enjoyable as possible for my lady?

– spicyhippos

“Coconut oil.”

17. What is it like being one of the most popular adult film stars out there? Do you ever worry your child or children will be teased because of your profession?

– pennojos

“I believe that who I am will shine above what I would have done. People understand me better in person, as they can feel my energy and spirit. I believe we all deserve the freedom to do as we please, as long as we are not hurting one another.”

18. How do you plan to tell your kids about your profession?

– Anonymous

“I’m still formulating my game plan. But, I would like to teach them understanding, compassion, diversity and freedom. I want them to have open minds, not just about me but about people as well. I’m hoping to pave the way, as far as that’s concerned. If they can see past my profession, imagine their understanding of other people.”

19. What is the oddest thing you have ever been asked to do as part of an adult film?

– Convictus12

“Shave my bush and pretend it made me orgasm.”

20. Have you ever had a moment that made you burst out laughing on the set and you just couldn’t stop?

– Snakeoilsage

“Yes, I have. When someone is doing a little too much while going down.”

Oof, this AMA session was quite saucy!