Even if Hollywood and Bollywood movies have mostly taught us that winning a woman over requires grand gestures, it is not always true. It may appear fantastic on-screen, but in practice, making small efforts on a regular basis counts for much more than going on expensive dates or declaring your love in front of others.

However, a lot of men often complain about how women have “high expectations,” making it difficult to date or marry them. The fundamental notion is that what makes most women happy are pricey presents or dates. Even while it is obvious that this idea is largely untrue, occasionally it might make sense, as one Twitter user pointed out.

The user shared a long list of the “bare minimum” and cost-free things that a man may do to make a woman happy and feel cherished in a detailed thread that was posted on the site.

Simple gestures like making her a meal, giving her a compliment, giving her a hug, helping with duties around the house, etc. are on the list.

Are you taking notes, men, out there?