Sex isn’t always love-making, or at least it’s not glamorous all the time. And sometimes, people like things that are well, weird. They could be fetishes or just the random urge to explore – to mix it up a little bit. The only thing is that not everyone has the same idea of “pleasure”. What’s pleasurable for one person, can be weird for someone else. It’s not simple. But, the good part is, too many people have been there.

Like these Redditors, who shared some weird things that their significant other asked them to do.

1. “Both dress up as dinosaurs and maintain character throughout with appropriate noises etc. It was actually a lot of fun.”


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2. “I had an ex who was into golden showers, but no matter how much I tried, I never figured out how to pee with an erection.”


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3. “My ex tied me up once. She then took my credit card and bought concert tickets with it; we broke up soon after.”


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4. “Not my SO, but the last guy I had sex with, had me lick his face like a puppy. I had already gotten off so I had to try pretty hard not to laugh.”


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5. “My ex basically forced me to punch her repeatedly in the face during sex. I accidentally knocked out one of her fillings, then she suggested we get married.”


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6. “My ex had a burping fetish. I could literally make her orgasm from burping.”


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7. “She made me cum in the fish bowl.”


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8. “He asked me to punch him in the face really hard. I did. I’m pretty much non violent, but man was that interesting.”


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9. “Lick his eyeball. It was reciprocated.”


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10. “She asked me to squeal like a dolphin.”


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11. “Wearing a diaper. And yep, took one for the team.”


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12. “She told me to talk like Christian Bale’s Batman. There was an awkward pause and I proceeded to say “I’m Batman.””


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A lot to do with animals, for some reason.