The meaning of ‘cheating’ in a relationship is fluid, and given there are different kinds of relationships, it doesn’t necessarily mean polyamory (IF ALL PARTIES INVOLVED ARE AWARE AND OKAY WITH IT). Commitment can manifest itself in numerous ways, and emotional loyalty undeniably takes precedence. Besides, there can be different benchmarks of infidelity in every relationship, which partners should ideally establish in the initial days.

Redditor u/lola-starr98 asked people in the r/AskReddit community about what they consider cheating in a relationship, and the answers make a lot of sense.

cheating in a relationship

Take a look:

1. “Breaking the rules of loyalty, trust, and honesty in your relationship. If you’re monogamous, that means engaging in sexual and/or romantic activity with anyone other than your partner. If you’re nonmonogamous, that means doing engaging in sexual and/or romantic activities with people other than your partners without telling both the new person and the partners that’s what you’re doing.”


2. “Whatever an individual couple agrees on as being cheating within the context of their relationship.”


relationship loyalty commitment cheating

3. “I think people vastly underestimate emotional cheating. If you have an emotionally intimate connection with someone you are hiding from your partner, that’s cheating just as much IMO.”


4. “If you have feelings towards someone else and you’re entertaining those feelings in any way shape or form I would consider it cheating. If you feel the desire to act on those feelings you should have an honest healthy conversation with your SO. There is a reason you’re not fulfilled but it’s not fair to drag your SO along for that.”


infidelity in relationships

5. “A lot of what I consider cheating would be intent. Flirting is okay but if you are flirting with the intent on getting propositioned then that is an issue.”


6. “Extending ones self emotionally to someone else. Confiding in them vs me, on a regular basis. Thats often what starts before it becomes physical. Im not referring to an established friend, who we sometimes talk about certain things for advice or subjects the partner just isnt interested in. Meeting someone new and developing this attatchment is whats concerning.”



7. “Anything that compromises the fidelity of the relationship, whether it be emotional or physical. Sexting someone else is just as bad as actually having sex with them.”


8. “Whatever my significant other believes is cheating is the only correct answer. All relationships are different!”


Redditors discuss infidelity in a relationship

9. “Anything that you feel you need to hide from your partner because they would get upset about it. Whether that be flirting or kissing or sex. If it needs to be kept secret it is not right.”


10. “Doing stuff behind your SO’s back with another person without the SO’s consent.”



What do you consider cheating in relationship?

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