You might have watched or experienced sleep walking, sleep talking, and even sleep driving to an extent but what if we told you that sleep sex exists too?

Sleep sex or sexsomnia, isn’t anything romantic, rather, is a sleep disorder that many don’t commonly have a discourse about.

It’s a sort of parasomnia that makes you feel like you’re sexually charged and want to indulge in activities ranging from masturbation to sexual intercourse while you’re still sleeping.


Before you may confuse sex dreams with sexsomnia, just wrap your head around the fact that both of them are different.

Although you may have wet dreams during sleep sex but each time you get an erotic dream, you aren’t driven to have sex.

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The concern with a parasomnia like sleep sex is that the person suffering from it may not realize it until someone else notices these common symptoms:

Sexually fondling the bed partner, pelvic thrusting, masturbation, sexual intercourse or even spontaneous orgasm are some most common behaviours observed in a person suffering from sleep sex. 


In sexsomnia, a person may have their eyes open and seem to be awake. They are, however, having an amnesic episode and will be unable to recall anything in the morning.


Although it’s not clear what causes some people to develop sexsomnia, doctors claim that irregular sleep cycles, increased stress, certain drugs, and intoxication are some of the contributing factors. 


People experiencing the disorder feel embarrassed or ashamed and may not report their symptoms, however it’s essential to pay heed to them and seek help. 

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Treatment for sexsomnia is usually highly effective. These include change in medication, dealing with underlying sleep disorders and personal practice may involve sleeping in a separate room from your partner.

Partners of sexsomniacs may see this as a sign of displeasure in the relationship. So, if you want to avoid a growing rift between you and your partner, sleeping in different rooms can be a good idea. This can, in fact, strengthen your relationship with your SO.  

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Changes in sleep pattern may trigger episodes of the disorder. So why not set a bedtime and stick to it?