Despite the fact that all genders coexist, it is amazing how little we actually understand about one another. Not just the physical aspects, but also how we all approach things differently. We women frequently encounter traits of men that cause us to reevaluate what we previously believed about them. Furthermore, until you actually live with the other gender, you cannot fully comprehend them.

In a Reddit thread, women shared some peculiar things about men that they had discovered after dating one. And the least surprising thing about this is that they often use the same product for their face, body, and hair.

1. “Morning wood. Had absolutely no idea that shit just pops up every night till I started dating my first boyfriend.” – kpie007

2. “How rarely do they get complimented? I told my guy that I loved his shirt and he didn’t even know what to say. He told me he couldn’t remember the last time someone complimented him, so I started looking for little, random things to compliment him on.” – classy_rachael

3. “Most of them are way into cuddling and having their heads rubbed.” – LilStabbyboo

4. “Most are way less disgusted by my period than I am.” – Homesickhomeplanet

4. “Their best friendships are with guys they know next to nothing about. If they accidentally learn something about this man, they will never ask a single follow-up question.” – allthebacon_and_eggs

5. “Not a woman, but my wife constantly tells me that she never knew how blind most men are. If she tells me to go grab something, I look around frantically and tell her it’s not there, only for her to go in and find it in 2 seconds.” – Herr_Poopypants

6. “That different men have different body weight preferences. I used to think being thin was the only way a guy would find me attractive—not true!” – ucanmakemeadrink

7. “That they have 3-in-1 (shampoo/conditioner/body wash). I have never felt more scammed in my life.” – DorkyDame

8. “That they will function their whole lives with only two pairs of shoes.” – heardbutnotseen2

9. “I had no clue a dude could pull their boxers and/or pants’ legs to the side and pee hands-free. Y’all get to have all the fun.” – Dry_Frosting4331

10. “Their ability to fall asleep in less than 0.5 second.” – thekittenisfabulous

11. “The Heat! Omg, the body heat. He’s like a goddamn wood stove for my icy hands and feet!” – kcooke7919

12. “They gossip more than women.” – KMarie13_

13. “How little they know about women and our bodies, especially in childbirth.” –GuidanceAcceptable13

So, we knew nothing?