While sex can be really thrilling and fun, at first, it becomes a tad monotonous for most people over time. In a thread, people revealed their least favorite things about having sex and well, it’s not all untrue!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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1. “Having to use protection and live in constant fear of pregnancy.” –redonreddit24

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2. “The insecurity about my body, worrying about how I look.” –redgreenblue80

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3. “Feeling obligated or pressured to do it. I hate that so much. Any of the ‘usual’ sex-type things I see – the tearing off clothes, moaning, panting, sweating… turn off. Just not my idea of intimacy or joy.” –LemmyLola

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4. “Anticonception. It is still mostly up to the woman and I really do not like having to take hormones or have them shove another IUD in there. I wish I could just be and have an active sex life without the sole responsibility of prevention.” –YummySp0ng3

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5. “Having to go pee after instead of staying in bed.” –CacaoButter85

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6. “Having to be quiet if people are home. Also, if there is no cuddling afterward.” –plantcitywitch98

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7. “I have naturally curly hair. So, definitely messing my hair up. It’s basically impossible to fix it once it gets messed up.” –Connie_Damico

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8. “Often it feels like so much work, even if I’m just laying there.” –plastic_skeletons

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9. “Being on a slow wet leak for the rest of the day even though I’m not horny anymore.” –CheetohVera

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10. “The fear that my boundaries will be disrespected and any “no” will be ignored or met with anger or gaslighting.” –Your_aunty83

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11. “The sweating and occasional leg cramp.” –Tr33mari3

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12. “Having the bed all messed up. I want a crispy, clean bed for sleep and snuggling, and then a foul, damp mattress on the floor for fucking.” –VioletVenable

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13. “When it’s over, and I’m ready for round two but have to wait hours until he’s recharged enough.” –Snowconetypebanana

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14. “Matching libidos with my partner. For the last two weeks, I’ve been crawling up the wall for sex but he was stressed, tired and grumpy. NOW he wants to get touchy, and I just started my period. I want to sit alone in my blood diaper and eat junk food while crying. I dont want to be perceived at all, let alone touched.” –muffinmamners

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15. “When it ends.” –HannaJoseph35

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So, how many responses do you agree with?