It’s no secret that porn has created more barriers to intimacy and good sex in real life than it has improved their quality. Since porn is heavily and predominantly influenced by the male gaze, it’s led to more dissatisfaction and unrealistic expectations than actual and mutual pleasure. Which is why this Reddit thread where people have shared myths about sex they ended up believing is so relevant, because what a web of lies pornography has weaved for us all!

Here, take a look at what people have said. Did you also have similar beliefs?

1. “One thing the ladies really love is a sudden unannounced switch to anal sex.”


2. “Or that most of them are even open to anal sex. It’s off-limits for most women.”


3. “Actually from porn I learned that guys don’t just… will themselves into being erect. I always thought guys were just like ‘Okay time for penis’ when they wanted to have sex, and it could raise itself like you’d raise an arm. So from porn I learned that it doesn’t work like that at all, but boy if someone COULD do that they’d have a good career.”


4. “That you can change positions (and holes) like it’s time to spin the wheel. I mean, I’ve had sessions where we did 3 maybe 4 different positions but damn, the amount of position changes they have in porn just looks exhausting to me now.”


5. “That you don’t talk during sex. Obviously, you don’t hold full dialogues during sex but it’s so much better when communicating and even laughing sometimes.”


6. “That smacking her clit with my dick repeatedly gets her wet and that it’s the only foreplay needed.”


7. “That anything adventurous is just up for grabs without prior conversation and consent. Ie, crazy positions, pain, anal, oral, what’s happening with my load.”


8. “That women don’t have ass hair and that their buttholes are all pink.”


9. “That all women love giving head.”


10. “That a guy needs oral for foreplay, but the woman doesn’t need any foreplay.”


11. “That men should not make noise during sex. I just thought ‘Duh, nobody wants to listen to a guy grunting and breathing heavily,’ like it was a universally unflattering sound.”


12. “That penetrative sex is supposed to last 20-25 minutes between 3-4 positions and if I only last a few minutes she’ll think I’m a chump.”


RIP to all the times we held ourselves back from good sex because we believed a myth learnt from porn.

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