If you thought you could only have sex in the bedroom, you are wrong. All you need is a creative mindset, the willingness to explore, experiment, and consent, of course. You can have sex in practically anywhere, you just need to be willing to take that plunge.

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While we are at it, the bathroom does not sound like a bad place to have some fun. It’s the perfect setting to get things hot and heavy. But at the same time, there’s a risk of falling and slipping and practically getting a sex injury. In case you are willing to do the deed in the bathroom, here are eight easy yet fun sex positions you can try without breaking your bones.

1. The Chairman

This works if you have a bench or any seating area in your bathroom. The partner with the vulva sits on the lap of the partner with a penis facing away from them. You can straddle them and let them do the pumping or you both can sync your movements. Your hands are free so you can use them to play with each other’s erogenous zones.

bathroom sex

2. The Bullseye

Sex doesn’t always have to be penetrative and this position is proof. If you want to have a steamy oral sex session, then pick this position. Let one partner sit on the tub/floor/chair whatever is available and let the other partner angle their body in such a way that the clitoris or the penis rests on their lips.

bathroom sex position

3. All Stand

The partner with the clitoris stands on the chair or the floor facing the penetrating partner. The penetrating partner holds their legs and spreads them while entering. Use the walls to support your back so that you don’t slip and fall.

bathroom sex positions
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4. Standing Pretzel

This is similar to the Up Against The Wall position. But the partner with the clitoris faces the other partner and wraps one leg around their partner’s waist. The partner with the penis can hold their legs or grab their thighs to make things hotter while penetrating.

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5. The Selfie

One partner faces the mirror on the sink while the other partner goes behind them and penetrates. To take things up a notch, the partner facing the mirror can prop one foot on the sink. You can make things hotter by introducing a sex toy. Hit the pleasure town while you both can watch your moans in the mirror.

sex positions

6. The Porcelain Goddess

Close the toilet lid and let the partner with the penis sit on it. The other partner can sit on their lap and grind on them. This position is super effective because you both are literally facing each other and nothing is hotter than eye contact during sex.

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7. The Standing Doggy

The doggy style is a classic for many reasons and one of them is because you can tweak and adjust it as per your needs. The receiving partner bends and places their hands on the walls, while the penetrating partner holds them from the waist. The doggy is beneficial for both because the clit and the penis get stimulated at the same time. You can time your orgasms and climax together.

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8. Ballet Dancer

The receiving partner faces the penetrating partner and they lift their leg up against the wall. For more intimacy, one can wrap their legs against the partner. The penetrating partner can, then, move in by either grabbing their thighs or just pulling them in by the waist.


Use these sex positions to add some spice to your sex life.