Have you ever wondered why the sex lives of most couples fall in a rut after some time? There’s a lot of action, yes, but not the kind they’d really, really like. 

When couples stop having honest conversations about sex, it all goes downhill from there.


Not just a self-pleasuring act, sex is about two people and what they both like. 

And the only way you can really find out what your partner desires is to sit down and talk to them.


To all the women out there, here are 25 things about sex all men would like you to know:

1. There’s nothing sexier than a woman taking initiative in bed. Absolutely nothing!

2. Sexy lingerie is always a great idea!

3. When you whisper in our ears, we know you want it just as much as we do.


4. Blowjobs, blowjobs and more blowjobs!

5. Don’t be afraid to guide us. We may not want to admit it but we could do with some help!

6. Nothing keeps us in the moment as the sound of our own name.


7. We’re up for anything as long as you’re in agreement.

8. Take control. And then, take some more!

9. Show us what you’d like us to do to you.


10. Size matters. At least for our ego!

11. Can we watch some porn together?

12. Silent sex is the worst kind. The worst ever!


13. Believe it or not, we do like foreplay!

14. We’d love to go down on you. Don’t be shy to ask!

15. Tell us your fantasies. And we’ll tell you ours.


16. As tough as it is to believe, we don’t always want sex.

17. Your sexual experience is not a bad thing. It’s actually good!

18. Porn is not like real-life sex. And we know that!


19. Just like we keep things clean for you, don’t forget to do the same for us.

20. The bed is just one of the places. Definitely not the only one. 

21. Sex toys? Bring ’em on!


22. The messier the sex, the better it can be.

23. Your body is indeed a wonderland!

24. If you haven’t climaxed, let us know and we’ll try harder!


25. We love having sex with you!