They say, an honest conversation can solve almost anything. 

I’d say, it can even help better your sex life!


The thing about sex is that it isn’t just about one person’s orgasm. In fact, the more pleasure you give, the more you’re bound to receive in return. 

Sadly, most men have forgotten this adage and as a result, most women aren’t really achieving the mind-blasting orgasm they so rightfully deserve.


Basically, to all the men reading this, talk to your woman. Ask her what she likes and she’ll surely tell you exactly what to do.


For now, here’s a list of 25 things your women would like you to do more often in bed:

1. Don’t assume you know what she wants

2. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay!

3. Talk dirty!


4. Whisper in her ears

5. Kiss a lot. And some more! 

6. Be clean


7. Take off your socks

8. Don’t follow a fixed routine

9. Look for more options outside the bed 


10. Enjoy the process instead of rushing for the finale

11. Always go down on her

12. Don’t be afraid to use some sex toys


13. Nipples are just as important as the vagina

14. When she’s on top, don’t get all lazy

15. Ask her what she wants


16. Don’t touch her on body parts she’s conscious about

17. Consent is everything

18. Forcing her to go down on you is NOT COOL


19. There’s a difference between saying what you want and ordering her around

20. When the penis isn’t working, use your finger and tongue

21. Don’t ignore the clitoris


22. Ask for help if you can’t find the G-spot

23. Don’t forget the lube.

24. Don’t shy from talking about your kinks & desires


25. Make sure she climaxes!