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I can’t tell you the number of times I text ‘I LOVE YOU’ to my bff in a day. Not because that’s the easiest way to thank her for whining and dining with moi, but for genuinely creating a no-judgement space for me. And that’s like, superrr rare! I can talk to her about anything, no matter how controversial the topic is. If only it could be that way with everyone around us, right?

Many times, there are things in life we want to openly talk about, questions we wanna ask, but hold ourselves back. Ones that, if we somehow muster the courage to answer honestly, can help us meet more like-minded people – and socialise better. These are some really juicy questions/issues/what-if situations we’re talking about, that we bet will make you look over your shoulder twice!

You must probably be wondering what we’re talking about. So we took the liberty of assembling 7 of such burning questions inspired from the cold hard facts of life and dare you to answer them sincerely!








Didn’t we warn you these were gonna be some saucy questions? Now, we’re pretty sure you had your honest opinions to state on each of those situations, but where do you go to openly express them without being raised an eyebrow at, right? Seems like at least the college goers don’t need to wait anymore, because the new age pseudonymous social media app, Hunch is here to sort all their communication blues.

On Hunch, college and university students can ask and get subjective answers to anything, no matter how weird or unconventional it is, and that too anonymously! Isn’t that cool?

The platform is especially intended towards helping students have honest conversations, and even learn what their fellow classmates and college friends think about the same! We think it’s a great way for students to extend their social circle to people who hold similar outlook on life as them. We at Scoopwhoop obviously had to have some fun with the app, so we went around to different colleges in Delhi and NCR to ask some of these esoteric questions and understand what aajkal ke bacche think like. Take a look.