YouTuber Dhruv Rathee needs no introduction. With his incisive takes that lay all the threads bare, his videos manage to rattle the audience and start many a conversation. Recently, the social media activist took to Reddit and conducted an AMA session on the r/India subreddit. People left numerous questions for him and he answered almost all of them and gave us a lot of information. Let’s take a look.

dhruv rathee

1. Do you see any ray of hope for Indian youngsters when you see a sea of Elvish Yadav fans everywhere? – realchiragjoshi

Of course, hope is always there. Most people grow out of this blind fan worship phase pretty quickly.

2. What are your views on today’s teenagers and what changes would you like to see in them? – tranquility_seeker03

I’m saying this despite being a social media influencer – teenagers should stop being on social media so much. It’s really harmful in so many ways, go live in the real world more and try to reduce screen time as much as possible.

3. Why did you leave India? – Visual-Rain871

For studies, back in 2012.

4. Are you hated by your relatives and friends who are politically or ideologically aligned differently than you? – Professional_Shop_73

Nah, most people in Haryana value family and locality way more than political ideology haha.

5. I just wanna know the steps of how you achieved such extraordinary research skills. You cover even the more subtle points like a cartographer and congratulations on your TIME’s feature. – Major_Emu_872

I don’t really know how to answer this. I feel the ability to interpret, deduce, summarize and simplify are all essential skills for research perhaps. The procedure might be something like – collecting all possible sources for a particular news, finding commonalities between different news sources, finding unique angles, cross-checking the info, and consolidating and then summarising the key points.

6. What type of content do you consume to enrich your knowledge? – SparePlatform8469

I’m not a fan of podcasts that much, mostly it’s always random talk stretched out to be unnecessarily long. Usual YouTube videos I like watching, but my favourite is reading books. Just finished Gandhi’s autobiography for the second time and currently reading Nehru’s Discovery of India.

7. What books do you recommend? Some fiction and non-fiction? – Kdhruva

I’ll give two unique recommendations which I recently read – the first is – Don’t Sleep, There Are Snakes by Daniel Everett. It’s a book about an Amazonian tribe whose language doesn’t have numbers. Second – Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman. A book which taught me the importance of moving every muscle in the body.

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8. Which is your favourite country to travel as a tourist and favourite to travel as a blogger? – Ank1804

Iceland and Australia are my favourites to travel.

9. What profession will you choose if YouTube fails one day? Any backup career choice you would love to do? – First-Mango-1684

Uff, I hope it never happens. YouTube seems so perfect to me that I can’t think of anything else as a backup.

10. How do u deal with legal issues? – Appropriate-Tip-6361

Thankfully, I can afford lawyers nowadays.

11. As a student pursuing a UG degree, every single day, I think it’s all worthless because no sooner will I get a decent job. Do you think an average student will have any chance to stand behemoth things like artificial intelligence for jobs? – DocMAgLAD

Start your own small local business, don’t rely on these big corporates for jobs. Use AI to your advantage for your business.

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The AMA revealed a lot more about Dhruv Rathee than any other interview.