There are few things Indians love more than cricket and while our players occupy our hearts, there are some from foreign lands, who have also managed to make their way in. These cricketers have a massive fan following in the country and often find themselves supported by millions. Here we take a look at them.

1. Kane Williamson

To be fair, the New Zealand captain has a fan following everywhere in the world, and India is no exception. His kind words and gentle ways have turned Indians into his die-hard supporters, who are always rooting for him, whenever our country is not playing of course.

2. AB de Villiers

Though no one can possibly come close to AB de Villiers in this department. The phrase “one of our own” truly applies to him, as Indians have made their appreciation for the batter time and again. As a part of RCB, AB has made a place for himself in the hearts of the people of the country and it is unlikely that anyone will be able to replace him any time soon.

3. Adam Gilchrist

Though Aussies make for our cricket rivals, Adam Gilchrist is someone highly respected among Indians. His famous “walk”, is still discussed just as much by the Indian cricket fans, as it is by the Australians. Oh, and he is also very fond of the country, as is evident by his quote from last year:

But India has played a huge part in my life, both on and off the field.

4. Brett Lee

Another Australian on the list (and there is one more). Quite fascinating, isn’t it? Brett Lee has sung songs for us, featured in our movies, India loves to love him. Quite the heartthrob, he continues to feature among the players we showered with attention, despite the lethal bowling that gave our team hard time on the field.

Though I must mention, he has been embroiled in controversies on and off, even making a lot of fans feel let down.

5. Brendon McCullum

A part of our brains still associates KKR to McCullum. Or vice versa. He left such a lasting impact during his IPL stint, that his popularity in India, which was already substantial, rose even more. 

6. Faf du Plessis

Faf du Plessis has had an amazing run as a part of Chennai Super Kings and the fans of the franchise have showered him with immense respect for the same. Among other things, what helps is that MS Dhoni trusts him immensely and when MS trusts someone, who are we to question it?!

These guys!