Lionel Messi bagged his 7th Ballon d’Or recently, taking a lead of 2 over Cristiano Ronaldo when it comes to the biggest honour in football. 

And that hasn’t gone down well with many people, including and led by Ronaldo himself. Recently, he commented “facts” on an Instagram post that detailed his achievements, and used words like “steal” and “shame” for Messi’s win.

Now, whether Messi deserved or didn’t deserve the Ballon d’Or is a personal opinion that should be expressed. Healthy critiquing should be encouraged. 

But to use the language Ronaldo’s fan page used and then for the player of his stature to legitimise it is unfortunate, if not disgraceful.

People have their own take on this, and here we look at some of the reactions.

Hard for some to accept, but becoming the GOAT takes a little more than scoring unbelievable goals.