Case in point: Recently, Mr. Tendulkar took to Twitter to congratulate the Indian women’s cricket for Commonwealth Games 2022. To which even Marnus Labuschagne replied. 

Everyone who watched Sachin Tendulkar play on the field knows the kind of champion he is. The legend of cricket holds a massive fan base, and it’s hard to replace Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar in our lives, right?

Here have a look:

Between this good news, what irked some people on Twitter is why Marnus called Sachin by his name and not ‘Sachin sir’. Well, some people pointed out how Sachin is double his age, and others asked Marnus to show him some respect- the rest are just embarrassed.

The sir culture exists only and only in south Asian countries. While we are trying hard to get rid of this crap, something always comes in between. Like today, some over- enthusiast Sachin fans couldn’t hold themself back! This also comes as a stark reminder of how we get uncomfortable with cultural differences. Our obsession with the sir word needs to retire right away.  

Though we get the emotions of some fools on the internet, but this is not the first time Sachin fans have done something like this. Back in 2014, when Maria Sharapova said she didn’t know who Sachin was, people took it into their hands and trolled her. 

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Minding our own business and getting offended over anything and everything is the new trend after all!  

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