Virat Kohli is not the one to put up with mean comments coming his way without saying anything in return. You can like him for that or dislike him, but that’s just the kind of guy he is. Here are 5 instances when he silenced his critics and his opponents very effectively through his gestures or words. 

1. When he avenged Joe Root’s mic-drop celebration.

In 2018, Joe Root was all over the news, after he threw his bat to the ground after scoring a century in an ODI between India and England. Kohli did not appreciate it. In the first match of the Test series, he made a throw that dismissed Root. Following this, Virat blew a kiss and did his own version of mic-drop.

India Today

2. More recently, he told everyone in clear words that he has “nothing to prove to anyone”.

Virat’s form has been a matter of concern, not gonna lie, but he is not a new player and it’s hopefully just a matter of time before he gets back on track. A lot of criticism coming his way is not warranted, and responding to the same he told the press.

This is not the first time that people have talked about my form, it has happened a few times in my career. England in 2014 was one of those phases…If all the times you look at yourself and judge yourself on the basis of numbers, I do not think you will ever be content with what you are doing. I have nothing else to worry about but the reality of the situation is that you want to have an impact on the side. I do not think I have anything to prove to anyone.
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3. Similarly in 2018, he couldn’t perform in the first Test against Australia in their backyard. This started a chain of reactions and Kohli shut everyone with this celebration after scoring a century in the second Test.

4. In 2016, Ben Stokes got into a verbal fight with Kohli during India’s Test against England, and to make matters worse, he celebrated in an animated way after dismissing Kohli. However, Kohli did what Kohli does as Stokes was sent back to the pavilion by Ashwin in England’s following innings.

Deccan Chronicle

5. When he recently said that people criticising him day and night do not know what it means to be him.

In an interview given to Danish Sait, he said:

They can’t be in my shoes, they can’t feel what I feel, they can’t live my life, they can’t live those moments. How do you cut out the noise? You either mute the TV or don’t listen to or pay attention to what people are saying. I do both of these things.

6. And on May 19, when Virat Kohli played his best knock in the most important match of the season for RCB, he got back at every naysayer by hinting that he still has a lot more to give. When asked about it directly, he said, “I can keep going. No issues at all”.

We love this because he doesn’t give unwarranted criticism too much importance. He is focused on his game, and that is exactly what is going to get him through this rough patch.

Criticise him but don’t go overboard. The reason is simple, the chances are very high that he will make a comeback sooner than later – and a lot of people will have to run for cover then.