There’s no denying that sports have a deep impact on us – more than just being an ice-breaker, or an entertainment of sorts. And the 2022 FIFA World Cup is proof of it. Fans have been onto the streets, showing love for the game and their favourite players.

Source: Forbes

After Argentina’s 3-0 win against Croatia, people have been celebrating the victory, an opportunity to win its first World Cup since 1986, and well, Lionel Messi. This even led to fans gathering outside Messi’s grandmother’s house to celebrate. A video that went viral, shows people chanting the player’s name, while standing below the house, outside the window.

These visuals not only make the heart happy, but focus on the true spirit of sports. And the internet is truly loving them.

FIFA World Cup
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These gestures by the fans do create a sense of joy for everyone.