Honestly, when Rahul Dravid is talking, it’s very tough to focus on anything apart from humility. It’s so evident, you end up wanting to write just about that. 

Which is something we have ample proof for (you can read it here, and also here).

However, one thing he doesn’t get much due for, is his sense of humour. You’d be pleasantly surprised to know he is a hilarious guy and these are the example of the same.

1. Starting with this one. See? See? Humility even in humour.

2. Okay, well, maybe not so much.

3. Natwest Final, 2002: Rahul Dravid version.

4. Where he got so involved, he would time his pee breaks.

5. Dravid trying to break his ‘good guy’ image here. And failing.

6. The time seagulls didn’t impress his teammates much.

7. And the time he discussed tubelights on the field.

8. Rahul Dravid never felt pressure, except when he was playing against Sehwag.

9. But it’s all good, he managed to make many records. Including this one in T20s.

Funny, smart and kind – God really did put in a lot of effort in making Rahul Dravid.

Quotes taken from What The DuckBreakfast with Champions and #CricketDiaries.