India’s Independence Day is around the corner and the celebrations seem to have begun already, with all the brilliant victories at the Commonwealth Games, 2022. 

One such victory came in the form of Sakshi Malik’s first CWG gold, which she won in the 62 kgs wrestling event after a long period of struggle. 

Sakshi, an Olympic medal winner, saw a dip in form soon after and struggled to make any big impact for years. However, at the Commonwealth Games, she consciously calmed her nerves, told herself that she is fit, trusted her preparation…and the result is for everyone to see.

This journey has not been easy, though, and it was evident by the tears flowing from her eyes when India’s national anthem played in the after-match ceremony. As the tricolor was lifted, Sakshi kept her gaze fixed and it truly turned out to be one of the highlights of the tournament. 

Overwhelmed by Sakshi’s win, this is how people expressed the pride they feel.

Speaking of the moment, Sakshi later told the journalists:

This time I just wanted to win gold. I gave my best and I am very happy. I got emotional when the national anthem was played after my win.

Well, we got quite emotional ourselves, Sakshi. What a comeback!