I watch Shoaib Akhtar videos just to hear him say stuff like baal katwa liye, pace zyaada ho gayi bande ki. Which is not to say he never has a useful input to give. He is Shoaib Akhtar, after all, the super-fast pacer from yesteryears (something he will remind you of a thousand times). 

Anyway, his bowling skills can’t be questioned – it seems like he was born with them. Unlike his social media proficiencies. We dug up his posts from 8 years ago and they are gold! You can check them out here.

1. Koi toh like karo uska page please.

2. I have done many cringe things online but never reached this level.

3. He used to sell Afridi lockets?

4. Damn, it used to be an Afridi simp account.

5. Self-love is the way to go.

6. Don! sure.

7. That’s too much pressure on Irfan.

8. Pakistan and dropped catches!

9. He also had a thing for sappy creatives. This one is low-key cute.

10. What even!

Phenti pe phenti.