Shoaib Akhtar is the representation of Pakistan’s collective humor that is cheeky, savage, and self-aware. Often, he is funny without even realising that he is, which works great for him. Yes, sometimes he says controversial things but mostly, it’s fun to listen to him because he really does make you laugh. Here, we have compiled a list of comments and comebacks from Shoaib which show that his wit is as fast as his bowling.

1. Sehwag-Shoaib commentary duo is as iconic as it can get. Both of them can be really random and feed off of each other’s humor. The example below shows that well.

2. Oh, and the one-liners. If you watch his YouTube channel, you’ll find many of these. Here, he makes this joke about Eoin Morgan and one can sense that he must be very proud of coming up with it.

3. One thing about Shoaib, he says things as they are. So, if he thinks Pakistanis love to laze around, he will say it.

4. Again, honesty. No false pretense of undying dedication. He says, “Mujhe pata tha game kaise jeetna hai“, which is something we can’t argue.

5. I love this bit from Breakfast with Champions where the head chef of the restaurant where they were shooting comes and introduces himself. Shoaib looks at him intently and as if he is going to ask something so serious; but then he takes a 180-degree turn.

6. Combining India-Pakistan teams was a dream of many. However, we did not think of this crucial problem, did we? 

7. During his days of struggle Shoaib used to tell people he will make it big to get things done. Even though he was not bluffing at the time, and obviously did make it big, this conversation he had with a sugarcane seller is quite funny.

8. When asked about how Pakistan could defeat India, this is what Shoaib had said. Self-deprecation at its best. 

However, he was also the one who posted the viral tweet for Babar Azam which read – Important baat @babarazam258: Sab se pehle, Aap nay ghabrana nahi hai. It’s Pakistani’s internal joke. The advice worked.

You know how some people are institutions? Shoaib is a walking reality show.