The very eventful T20 World Cup is finished and Australia has emerged as winners of the tournament for the very first time.

Even as someone who follows the sport, it takes a second to process that, given Australia’s performances at the World Cups. 

Anyhow, they have a lot to celebrate, and rightfully so. Meanwhile, New Zealand should also feel very proud about playing so well through the entirety of the World Cup. 

And for having a brilliant run over the last few years. The ODI World Cup final that they almost won, the Test Championship in which they defeated India, and now runners-up at another ICC tournament. 

People have a tendency of judging performances by trophies, and that isn’t illogical, but at some point, you have to stand up and appreciate consistency too.

One can say that New Zealand hasn’t faltered much, overall, and in this tournament. Before the final, they had lost one game, to Pakistan, the team which was operating on a whole different level.

And that’s it. In the final, the result wasn’t favourable, and unfortunately, their batting wasn’t great. But captain Kane Williamson took charge and scored 85 runs, which was just 2 less than everyone else in the team combined.

It was just one of those days when nothing seems to work. Even on a day like that, there was some saving grace.

It would have been good to see Kane hold the trophy after that heroic innings, was actually a bit heartbreaking.

He is a good guy, and we love to see great things happen to him. 

Sadly, for the second time in 2 years, New Zealand have to sleep with the painful awareness that they came as close to the trophy as one can without winning it. However, we hope that they don’t let the feeling become overpowering. 

How far will the trophies run if they keep running after them like this?