After last night’s Ind VS Pak T20 Asia Cup match, it was understood that a lot of people would not take things lightly. While sports is meant to make us feel like we’re part of a team or just a sense of belonging, even a beautiful game of cricket brings out the worst in people at times – which is just unfortunate. Instead of appreciating or motivating the team (the bare minimum), we used social media to pull them down. 

During the nail-biting match, Arshdeep dropped a catch and the internet started pushing out the memes. People then started trolling the player and hurling abuses. Some even called him anti-national, and all it took was one drop. As if one mistake is all it takes to define a player and a person.

However, there were some people who took a stand for Arshdeep, including former cricketers Harbhajan Singh, Mohammad Hafeez and Irfan Pathan.

But the fact remains that people didn’t wait to question the player and his credibility, just because of something that’s literally a part of the match — it happens. We keep forgetting about the amount of pressure that the players already have to deal with, let alone imagine the toll that trolling might take on them.